What We Do

OUR MISSION: Kicks for Kids is committed to providing free exercise opportunities for children with special needs. We aim to provide recreational activities, wholesome snacks, and tips for healthy living in an environment that is all-inclusive and welcoming of children of all ability levels. Kicks for Kids is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization.


1. Free -- The activities are entirely free to all participants
2. Family -- We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere by encouraging family members to participate in our activities with their athlete. 
3. Friendship -- Through a highly personalized experience, we create a bully-free environment where each athlete can play at his or her own pace! Our hope is that our athletes (and their families) develop strong friendships with each other.
4. Fitness -- Exercising for 30-60 minutes a day can provide a wide range of health benefits. We want to help our athletes get in this exercise while still having a blast!
5. Fun -- From soccer to duck-duck-goose to freeze tag, we love to have fun.

Prior soccer knowledge is not required. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!