Safety of Children

Kicks for Kids is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all members that attend our events. Below are some resources exemplifying this commitment.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Infographic shows the steps we take during events to ensure safety. For the complete Code of Conduct, or for other questions regarding the procedures in place, please email


Each Volunteer is required to complete a three part training module to inform them about working with minors, sexual abuse, and their roles as mandated reporters.

Parents are also encouraged to help with the safety of their children by reviewing misconduct information and remaining close to their children during events at all times. There is also a free tutorial available for parents that outlines misconduct in sports.

Parents can also review the Sports Handbook on Misconduct for further information on what to look for, found below.

Background Checks

All Executive Board Members and Field Leaders go through background checks through the University to ensure that the organization and the children are in good hands. These members monitor the entire field during our events to ensure everything is running smoothly.